I was scheduled for knee surgery. I bought a double ankle bracelet. The results have been unbelievable. I cancelled the surgery. Thank so much.- Lisa S..

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  • Magnetic Jewelry

    Affordable, High Quality Jewelry that Relieves

    Thank you for visiting our website. Our names are Joy and Julie, we are sisters and live in Minnesota. We started this business after we found that Magnetic Jewelry is so helpful for pain management.

    Julie has suffered from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for years and had been getting progressively worse. She had worn a wrist brace but it didn't seem to be giving her much relief. We were at a craft fair in Wisconsin when we stopped at a Magnetic Jewelry booth. We read that magnetics help relieve pain and bracelets were especially helpful for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Julie thought she would give it a try-within 20 minutes she could feel relief. The only thing she didn'tlike about the bracelet was that it was so basic black generic looking and didn't have any "BLING" to it. We started investigating on the internet and found that most Magnetic Jewelry looks the same. So being the creative sissy's that we are, we thought we can make this Therapeutic Jewelry pretty, fun, and stylish as well as functional. So we decided if we were going to do this, we needed to add our own unique style to the venture. We got busy and started making jewelry.

    Since we started the business it been exciting and rewarding. We have very positive feedback and many repeat customers. Our Magnetic Jewelry is different from any other. We use Magnetized Hemitite, Hemitite in itself is a natural stress relieving stone, we chose this stone because of this extra benefit. We decided to bring some color into our Jewelry, we did this because we wanted people to enjoy their Therapeutic Jewelry and make it less intrusive. We feel people are more willing to wear a piece of Therapeutic Jewelry if they enjoy the look of it.

    We hope you will try our jewelry and we look forward to hearing how Joyous Magnetic Jewels have helped you.

    Joy & Julie


    Do not Use if you:
    Have an Insulin Pump
    Have a Pacemaker
    Have a Defibrillator

    Or any other Battery operated devices The use of Magents should NOT replace treatment
    from a qualified Medical Professional. Any self help applications is the sole responsibility of the user.